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I am Rev. Al Rosenblum, an ordained Christian pastor, a bible teacher and professional pastoral counselor. I have served in these offices and ministries for 30+ years. I am also at this time the Associate Pastor of Doctrinal Studies Bible Church in Birmingham Al. I have advanced degrees and certifications in both theology and counseling. I have been trained to translate the original Hebrew and Greek languages of the bible, which I do daily and use the original languages to develop complete categorical studies of specific biblical subjects. By approaching these topics categorically, it gives the studies great application to life in today’s environment.



My greatest and most important ministry is my marriage to Rhonda and the raising of our 4 children.




The Topical Discussions


These topical discussions come from questions that people have asked me as a counselor and are very common life issues. The discussions are not meant to be complete answers to the questions and are far from a complete answer to what the bible teaches about these subjects. The topical audio and text offerings are only brief beginnings to help you get started with what God says to help us deal with our life issues.



The real and permanent answers to the difficulties of life are found in spiritual growth. Starting with salvation, when we receive eternal life and security from believing the gospel of Jesus Christ, we then move on to all of the topics the bible teaches. We grow spiritually by learning God’s word and using it by faith to handle the responsibilities of life. As we learn what God says through the bible about anything and everything in life, we can then use that knowledge to make good decisions that align us with His will.



We want to help you to the level of understanding you choose to go. We offer these brief audio discussions only as a start to your growth. If you decide to dig deeper into God’s word and plan, we can provide basic bible studies to build a biblical foundation.  The foundation grounds us in our salvation and gives us security from knowing about the permanence of salvation, which once given, cannot be lost or rescinded.



Building on this foundation, we will provide more advanced studies so you can learn the functional aspects of the Christian life. The ministry of the Holy Spirit, the unity of the church as the body of Christ, the relationship strategies and skills of God that we can use to love one another, principles of prayer so that you can relate to God and many more wonderful lessons that will grow you up into Christ.



We hope that you fall in love with God’s word as we did and develop a consistent hunger to learn and grow. As this website grows, we will freely share all that God has shared with us over many years of intensive study, prayer and life. We invite you to come with us on this most wonderful journey into the heart of God.



Finally, everything we offer here on this website is offered as a free gift. All that we offer was given to us by God through faithful men and women who had the hunger and discipline to learn it and pass it on. We now pass it on to you at no charge to you because it has all been paid in full by our most gracious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Publishing this website does cost money and so we do accept contributions to help support the work of sharing the word of God. If you find this website to be worthy of your support, you can make contributions.



In addition, I am making my services as a professional counselor available without cost. If you want to discuss personal issues with me, contact me through e-mail:  farosenblum@gmail.com




Our prayers are with you